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got the cutest valentine’s day package today from the best girlfriend ever @brynnaashley_creepyb #bragging #swak #monsterhigh #girlfriendisbetter #nothingisbetter

got my photos back from a disposable camera i dropped off. all photos taken in san francisco. all with no filters or editing.

sum photobooth photos from monarch #sanfrancisco #photobooth (at Monarch)
cant wait till @brynnaashley_creepyb gets home from work! santa claws had sum late presents for a certain naughty lil ghoul.  (at bad witches doll haus)
right meow! (at Niagara Bar & Lounge)
fernet branca sponsored photobooth at monarch. this is what we do when left alone with a free photobooth of course. 
listen in now at www.pcrcollective.org for the Horror Hop radio show! all death rock/horror punk/goth n creepy convos! by @brynnaashley_creepyb @adriennescissorhands + roxy roller! on #mutinyradio! now till 5/6/7am? (ny time) #pirateradio #horrorhop #horrorpunk #deathrock #goth #horrorhost #doyoufeeldark #foxiestradiohost

anyone who reblogs photos of kim kardashian gets unfollowed.

there is seriously nothing interesting about her.



1 hour of Studio Ghibli movie soundtracks  ~

T1 - 風の谷のナウシカから / from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
T2 - 天空の城ラピュタから / from Laputa: Castle in the Sky
T3 & 4 - となりのトトロから / from My Neighbor Totoro
T5 - 火垂るの墓から / from Grave of the Fireflies
T6 & 7 - 魔女の宅急便から / from Kiki’s Delivery Service
T8 - おもひでぽろぽろから / from Only Yesterday
T9 & 10 - 紅の豚から / from Porco Rosso
T11 - 耳をすませばから / from Whisper of the Heart
T12 - もののけ姫から / from Princess Mononoke
T13 - 千と千尋の神隠しから / from Spirited Away
T14 - 猫の恩返しから / from The Cat Returns
T15 - ハウルの動く城から / from Howl’s Moving Castle
T16 - ゲド戦記から / from Tales from Earthsea
T17 - 崖の上のポニョから from Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
T18 - 借りぐらしのアリエッティから / from Arrietty
T19 - コクリコ坂からから / from From Up on Poppy Hill


occupy yourself with peace for the next hour. you’re welcome.

(Source: youtu.be, via drewmanji)

just a bunch of photos from recent adventures in san francisco and new york city! for mischief night brynna and i were vampires, for halloween we were chucky and tiffany. others are of bright future, Lulu, photobooth with barbie, photobooth with bryanna, melissa and astro at clockwork. so much fun lately! i can’t wait to go back to san francisco or for brynna to come here. i miss her all the time. but its strange that our long distance relationship is the most easy going relationship i’ve ever been in. 

here’s brynna with my cat nylo. she’s visiting till the 10th. she told me today that she asked benefit about transferring her to NY. i think i just might’ve convinced her to move here! 


Oh my, this woman is perfection!

Once again, this is my friend Brynna Ashley aka Creepy B
flyer for my new party
from the arcade at fisherman’s wharf at the piers in San Francisco. this was such a great day. saw sea lions, she took me for ice cream at the ghiraldi chocolate factory, then we went to the top of some hotel for drinks so i could see the whole city, and after that went to see gatsby 3D at this theater that had seats that you could fold up the armrests for cuddling purposes. i wanna go back so bad!

photos of my grandma. and the little girl is my aunt joy.