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Duran Duran, Dumbo, Nyc. brynna ashley, by me
sunday afternoon in dumbo, nyc. taken by me
my muse, taken on a sunday afternoon going to the park

need to decide, which one do you like better?

"To live would be an awfully big adventure."

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janna, my best friend. taken at my place in east williamsburg
photo of brynna by me
muse, brynna ashley, photo by me
we bought some sparklers in nevada on the drive out to nyc. 
brynna ashley, hair + photo by me, clothing by steady clothing
tonight @clockworkbar ! 10-4 brian at the bar! #les #divebar

outtakes from today that were super blown out, decided to mess with them and keep them anyway. o

pictures for steady clothing i took today. did brynna’s hair for this too. 


nativityinblvck submitted this photo with the comment “my girlfriend brynna and i were walking in sutro forest in san francisco on a beautiful foggy afternoon and thought what better time to take gothsuptrees photos?”
"What better time to take goths up trees photos?", he says.  NIGHT TIME is a better bloody time! I’m shocked anyone would think that foggy afternoon was superior to night time no matter the visibility level. 
Our lovely goth couple here have excelled in all other areas of goths-up-tree-ness; they’re high up their tree/s, well dressed and they’re not smiling.  I have the same earrings the violet haired goth is wearing but they’re too bloody heavy for my piss-weak little ears and I can’t wear them for fear of unintended lobe stretching, so bonus points for earlobe tugging endurance. 
4.7 out of 5 - Apparently it’s World Goth Day AGAIN.  Support your local goths up trees by bringing them a bottle of vodka and a straw and complimenting them on their new jacket.  I’m celebrating by eating carrot soup to improve my night vision.

took these photos of my girlfriend after coloring and styling her hair. 

tomorrow night at #monarch..